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Certified Professional in Python Programming 2 Training


The 2nd certification for advanced Python programming from the Python Institute cover the best practice for creating and distributing your Python code, interprocess communication and design patterns. It also provided an introduction to the core data science libraries and tools in Python. The certification is a great foundation to launch your specialisation in data science and Python

PCPP-2: Certified Professional in Python Programming 2 Certification

  • Creating and Distributing Packages
    • Using pip
    • Basic directory structure
    • The file
    • Sharing, storing, and installing packages
    • Documentation
    • License
    • Testing principles and techniques
      • unittest – Unit testing framework
      • Pytest – framework to write tests
  • Math, Science, and Engineering Tools
    • math – a basic tool for elementary evaluations
    • NumPy – fundamental package for scientific computing
    • SciPy – an ecosystem for mathematics, science, and engineering
    • Matplotlib – 2D plotting library producing publication quality figures
    • Pandas – a library providing high-performance and data analysis tools
    • SciKit-image – a collection of algorithms for image processing
  • Design Patterns
    • Object-oriented design principles and the concept of design patterns
    • The Singleton Design Pattern
    • The Factory Pattern
    • The Façade Pattern
    • The Proxy Pattern
    • The Observer Pattern
    • The Command Pattern
    • The Template Method Pattern
    • Model-View-Controller
    • The State Design Pattern
  • Interprocess Communication
    • multiprocessing — Process-based parallelism
    • threading — Thread-based parallelism
    • subprocess — Subprocess management
    • Multiprocess synchronisation
      • queue — A synchronized queue class
      • socket — Low-level networking interface
      • mmap — Memory-mapped file support
  • Python-MySQL Database Access
    • Relational databases – fundamental principles and how to work with them
    • MySQL vs. rest of the world
    • CRUD Application
      • db connection
      • db create
      • db insert
      • db read
      • db update
      • db delete

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