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Training How You Want It - Class Formats that Suit You

We know that not everyone can afford to take a week off work to learn Python or maybe that you need more time to absorb and master the material, that is why we have several formats in which you can take our Python coding classes and become a Python master.  Choose the format that suits you best!

Our courses can be attended by all age groups, from those still in high school to retirees looking to earn extra income or professionals in their careers looking to gain new skills.  If none of them does, call us and we will be happy to accommodate your requirements.

Career Kickstarter Courses

If you have just left school or changing careers in a non-IT field our Career Kickstarter training programmes are for you. Designed to take one from rudimentary computer skills to a full-blown developer in as little as four sessions.

4-Week Training Programme

Our Career Kickstarter is a 4 week-long training course with learning material and exercises assigned weekly accompanied by instructor-led lectures to help students master the material.

Additional support is provided via one-on-one online chat and video calls with mentors and instructors using our learning platform. This platform also facilitates student interaction via forums and social media integration.

Instructor-Led Lectures

Instructor-led lectures are held online from 16:00-19:00 or face-to-face from 9:30-12:30 on Saturdays at our campus in Ferndale. These lectures will help assist students to obtain a comprehensive understanding of Python programming. Choose the course format that is right for you!

Description Sessions ZAR Price USD Price
Python Fundamentals Career Kick Starter  4 R5,500 $350
Python Advanced Career Kick Starter 4 R8,700




Weekend Training Courses

For corporates and professionals who already have some coding experience or background in IT, we offer a  weekend training option. This format is preferred by our corporate customers and those who like a more focused and intensive training session.

Our weekend courses are delivered in face-to-face training sessions or online via our learning platform which allows students to access additional support and training material.

Coding Classes

Want to change careers, master a new skill or give your kids a head-start in life? If so then our coding classes are for you. Our coding class format is aimed at those who prefer a  more open-ended approach to learning a new skill. A weekly 1-hour session is held with students either online or in class to discuss the material they are working through. There is no fixed timeline to cover concepts and material and we work at the pace of each student. This format is similar to the approach used to learn to play a musical instrument or additional maths lessons.

Description Sessions ZAR Price USD Price
Python Coding Classes 4 R800 $50

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